Do you desire truth? You can find it right where you are. Shake off the demons, rattle your personal understanding of where you go when you die, and roll into truth like millions have done throughout history. 

Excerpt One

That plane ride altered my life and I want to share the repercussions of that. No, they didn’t corrupt me. That’s not where this book is going. The plot is how and why did I get on their jet in the first place. This book compares using stories from my life to consider destiny, fate, luck, kismet,and who or what controls these if they can be controlled at all. My sister added I looked so young dancing around while the band played some wooded instruments, shaking, rattling, and rolling. My life is different now: if my sister caught me on HBO, I wondered who else saw it. I called the Stones New York office and demanded a copy of their new DVD to see for myself. Yep, there I was on the silver screen.

Excerpt Two

When the night had fleeted and the sun was coming up over Bel Air, I walked outside to see the sun making its entrance. I turned around to see Mick Jagger walking towards me and much to my surprise he embraced me. It seemed so natural. The limo driver got out with a shawl for Mick’s wife, Bianca, and Mick followed behind into the limousine. As the limo pulled away, it would be fifteen years later in New Zealand when we would meet again, and I saw then something I couldn’t ignore.

Excerpt Three

I was speaking on a couple topics that usually had people crying, including me. I watched an older gentleman grasping onto his wife’s arm helping him walk to the front. He said, “Mam, I just want to serve God without the pain of neuropathy. My legs ache all the time.” We both had wet eyes. I said, “Let’s pray.” As it turned out, he had been the superintendent of a large denomination and his testimony of being healed on the spot opened doors for me to come and speak. Little did I know my ministry would be a new life for me living in the supernatural.

Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Excerpt Four

One gloomy autumn day, all us kids gathered at home where mom had papers for us to sign. Actually we were giving her permission to live off our inheritance. None of us read what we were signing. I don’t think she did it with malice—more out of fear—but that’s what she did. Years later I was given another half a million which a gave to a trustor to hold onto. He also was a minister and very well known. But he took my money, went to my grandmother and told her that I had donated it to his ministry. She said “Okay” and gave him a check. Twenty-seven years of walking in the Lord, I never missed a payment on anything even though I had no income. One lady gave me $1,000 because I prayed for her for a baby and she got twins.

Excerpt Five

The truth of my life is a confession of how I was yanked into the world of the supernatural and God protecting me from these spirits that had taken hold of me. My buddies who lived by me heard the spirit  speak out of me and then it spoke out of one of them. “don’t worry what to say in court tomorrow. What a surprise.

Think about the road you have traveled on and the seasons that don’t seem to change no matter how much you hope, wish, or pray. For so many years, I felt that I was in a spiritual tug of war. How can you be a go-go dancer and writing scriptures through channeling a spiritual book. Not to mention future events and moving items in a house. A local friend kept telling me it was the devil and I wasn’t  opposed  to thinking that, but too much good had happened. No matter what I got myself into with the law I always walked out safe.

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